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What is a Graphic Designer?

What is a graphic designer? An old saying about graphic designers goes something like this: “Designers take words and pictures and move them around on a page until the look nice.” From a simplistic viewpoint, that’s very true – we basically do that. But like all things there’s more to it. Designers are Communicators. Yes […]

Good Design Is Always Good Design

Web design trends come and go, but the guidelines of good design are, in my opinion, eternal. Design is the artistic discipline that serves another purpose. It’s not to be engaging in and of itself, but to support that which it is applied to. This is true of all design areas, be it fashion design, […]

Beware Of Website Designs With Too Many Fonts

Beware of website designs with too many different fonts. Have you seen website designs of late that use a myriad of different fonts? I have and it makes me wince, partly because I’ve seen this before. Back in the early desktop publishing days, the trend was to use as many different fonts as possible, simple […]

Website Refresh: Why You May Need One

Website refresh: When it comes to your presence on the web, nothing says “unprofessional” like an obviously old website. An old site says you’re not taking care of your own business, and visitors often translate this to “How well will they take care of me and my business?” A website refresh may be in order. […]