With Great Design, Everything is Clear.

Bridge Street Design is a graphic design studio providing Graphic Design and Web Design services for clients both large and small. Founded in 2006, Bridge Street Design has partnered with a diverse client base ranging from Fortune 500 companies to local small businesses and organizations. Located in Westbrook Maine in the Greater Portland Area, we tailor our services to meet the needs of our clients, and handle projects with dedication, professionalism, and attention to detail. Consider our graphic design studio to visually communicate your message.

At Bridge Street Design we cover many bases in the graphic design field:

Logo Design

Logo Design visually sets the tone for your business and your brand, and often is the first step towards marketing your business. A well designed logo needs to be concise, eye-catching, and work in a myriad of uses and mediums.

Custom Website Design

Custom Website Design sets you apart for the competition and says you are serious about reaching and serving you customers. Rather than use a cookie-cutter template approach, a custom website is tailored to fit your needs exactly.

Graphic Design

Also thought of as Print Design, Graphic Design still holds it’s own in the world of marketing. From your business cards to in-store signage to the packaging of your products, Graphic Design needs to be eye catching as well as functional, and adhere to print manufacturing standards.

Brand Development

Brand Development ties it all together. Your Brand is your over-arching message as to who you are and what you do, and needs to be coordinated across all the disciplines listed above.

Music Design

Music design is a great deal of fun. Many people are playing and recording music these days, and good cover art or flyer design really makes a visual impression while conveying to the listeners and audience members what you’re all about.

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