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Website Refresh: Why You May Need One

Website refresh: When it comes to your presence on the web, nothing says “unprofessional” like an obviously old website. An old site says you’re not taking care of your own business, and visitors often translate this to “How well will they take care of me and my business?” A website refresh may be in order.

A website should be visually engaging but not overwhelming, and the design should draw your eye to the content. A site should also be easily navigable. Nowadays, with everyone using mobile devices, a website needs to be responsive and maintain all of the above on a plethora of platforms and screen sizes.

There are new technologies coming out every day that aid us in connecting with others, and while it’s great to leverage those technologies on your website, you don’t want your site to be a pointless showcase of new tech. Technology should never get it the way of the content.

Most importantly, the design of your website should be a reflection of you and what you do. It should be an extension of your and your company’s brand. Businesses change over the years, maybe you have changed as well. Does your present site reflect where you and your company are at these days?

If the answer is “no”, then please call or email us. We’re here to take care of that.