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Good Design Is Always Good Design

Web design trends come and go, but the guidelines of good design are, in my opinion, eternal. Design is the artistic discipline that serves another purpose. It’s not to be engaging in and of itself, but to support that which it is applied to. This is true of all design areas, be it fashion design, industrial design, graphic design, whatever. In short, Design exists to make something or someone more interesting.

As someone else said, content is king. I’ll add to it by saying that proper design is essential because it supports the content. These days people can visit your site AND move onto another with a mere click. What will keep them focused on your content? Good design, that’s what.

Some people claim they don’t know anything about design, but I’m of the opinion that a lot of people know good design when they see it. They might not be able to elaborate on what they’re seeing or how it makes them feel, but when the designer hits the nail on the head, the light goes on inside theirs.

Through good communication with the client and a lot of listening, we often turn that light on with the first shot. Not always, but often. We would like to do the same for you and your company.