Brand Development

Brand Development

Brand development is key. All of these elements, your logo design, custom website design, and graphic design come together to create your Brand. Everything has a brand, it’s just a matter of how well that brand is communicated. Your brand is your overall statement of who you are and what you do, tying in your written and visual message for your customers, both present and potential. A good brand:

  • Informs your customers as to what to expect
  • Creates a positive association
  • Separates you from your competition
  • Demonstrates that your business is thinking big

Informs your customers as to what to expect:

Once you start doing what you do, and do it consistently, you are on your way to having a brand. Your present customers already know what to expect from you, so it’s just a matter of distilling what you do into a visual and written medium to draw in new customers who are looking for what you do. This is where good brand development comes in.

Creates a positive association:

When people think of your business or organization they should think of what you do well. Let’s say you run a burger joint: whenever they see your visual branding they should immediately think of your delicious fries.

Separates you from your competition:

Good brand development, along with a good business plan, also says that you don’t do things the way that everyone else is doing them. In this crowded business environment, you must set yourself apart from your competition, and a proper band development does exactly that.

Demonstrates that your business is thinking big:

Even if you are a one person or one location business, you need to show you are as serious as the big players in your industry. With a well developed brand you convey that message.

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I have been working with Rowan and Bridge Street Design for over 15 years and wholeheartedly recommend them for any and all graphic design and brand development projects. Their work is consistently great and communicating with them is always professional and easy.

Charlie Gaylord Crooked Cove CD & VInyl Kennebunk ME

Rowan is really responsive to our business needs, he redesigned our web site and takes great care in putting together printed materials when we need something put together, I would highly recommend him.

Stephan Woods Apex Racket & Fitness Portland ME