Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic design, often thought of by some as print design, still holds it’s own in the world of marketing your business. From your business cards to in-store signage to the packaging of your products, good graphic design can really make positive impressions for your present and potential customers. Plus, your prints materials are a tangible reminder to your customers that you’re on the map. Your graphic design should be:

  • Compelling
  • Functional
  • Consistent
  • Take advantage of different print technologies
  • Adhere to print production standards


Just like logo design or custom website design, graphic design needs to engage you potential customer and encourage them to keep reading and absorbing your content. Printed materials can be discarded as easily as a website, so good graphic design is a must to capture their attention and keep them engaged.


Graphic design can be applied to so many different products and form factors, both two and three dimensional. Good design must make the most of those forms.


Consistency says Efficiency and Attention to Detail, and let’s your customers know you have all the bases covered. On a recent trip to a chain restaurant, I counted over 30 printed items, from napkins to wall art, all bearing that company’s branding. Your business’s design should be equally consistent.

Take advantage of different print technologies:

There are a myriad of printing technologies and techniques, and all of them have a purpose. Whether it’s using spot varnishes to give you business cards an extra edge or creating 3D graphics for your in store signage, the right design will make your business stand out from the competition.

Adherent to print production standards:

Print jobs can be ruined by inexperience with the print manufacturing process. Technical knowledge of layout, color mixtures, ink coverage, black separation, color management and other factors will avoid expensive reprints.

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Rowan at Bridge Street Design is my go-to graphic designer because he consistently delivers high-quality work at reasonable cost and often under tight deadlines.

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Super-nice, super-professional! Good detail work. Knowlegable about technical aspects of graphic design. Highly recommended!

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