Logo Design

Logo Design

The first step for a new business or organization in terms of visual communication should be the Logo Design. It can set the tone of the entire brand going forward, and let’s be honest: logos are everywhere – on your website, business cards, store signage, social media, and more. So, the logo needs to be well executed. Logo Design should:

  • Be eye catching
  • Easily and quickly convey what you do
  • Have multiple orientations to fit multiple placements
  • Follow the established branding
  • Sometimes, BE the branding

Be eye catching:

Your logo needs to catch not just a person’s eye, but their imagination. The time allotted for this these days is minuscule, with dismissal one click or tap away.

Easily and quickly convey what you do:

Along similar lines, good Logo Design should quickly convey what you’re about. People are out there looking for what you do or sell or provide, and your logo is your first foray into their mindset.

Have multiple orientations:

Since there are multiple possible placements for a logo, a well designed logo has multiple orientations to fit them. Horizontal and something close to square or circular are the most important. Too many times I’ve seen let’s say a square logo crammed into a very wide sign or ad space, and as a result does not make a bold statement.

Follow the established branding:

Obviously you want everything associated with your business to follow the established brand. It’s just good marketing sense. Your brand is what people associate with you and what you do, the Logo Design should be a big part of that.

Sometimes, BE the branding:

Many times a Brand Development project starts with Logo Design, and the more involved aspects like a custom website come later. For that interim period, the logo is everything, and should be designed as such.

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Rowan’s creative suggestions, eye for detail and ability to keep us on task has helped our projects at Eclipse Media Group come to fruition quickly and smoothly!

Andrea Gural Eclipse Media Group (Portland ME)

I've used Rowan's services for a variety of projects. Bridge Street Design created the art for my current album. The CD design and layout were amazing. Hands down one of the easiest experiences in finalizing album art. He was able to expertly bring to life the tone and texture of the project. In addition, I needed a logo designed for some advertising. I had a loose concept that he was able to realize and improve upon. Bridge Street is my primary source for all design and graphic work. They've always exceeded expectations.

Logan Belle Musician (Orlando FL)