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What is a Graphic Designer?

What is a graphic designer? An old saying about graphic designers goes something like this: “Designers take words and pictures and move them around on a page until the look nice.” From a simplistic viewpoint, that’s very true – we basically do that. But like all things there’s more to it.

Designers are Communicators. Yes we create logos, websites, print materials and etc, but more importantly we communicate your message in a visual sense.

Business owners are keenly aware that they have a message to communicate, not just with existing clients who already know their products and services, but also with potentially new clients testing the waters. And let’s face it: most people are just too busy working their primary job description to delve into learning how to visually communicate their message.

What is a graphic designer? Graphic designers are specialists who take care of delivering the message. This is why having a dedicated designer on your team, be they staff or freelance, is essential. Hiring a professional designer will take a lot off of your plate, and we use our years of experience to serve the project and the client.

A designer should be:

  • Able to assess your message and style, and distill it into a visual concept. Visuals should fit the tone and message of the project.
  • Creative, but not *too* creative. At a certain point creativity becomes self indulgence. A good designer stays on message and doesn’t go off on tangents.
  • Seen as a member of the team. Regardless of whether your designer is on staff or an outside vendor, they are invested in doing the job right. Your goals are their goals.

Does your business or organization need to visually communicate it’s message? Please feel free to call or email us here at Bridge Street Design. Our job is to help you reach your goals.