Custom Website Design

Custom Website Design

A Custom Website Design sets you apart for the competition and says you are serious about reaching and serving you customers. It should present you brand as your logo design and graphic design do. Rather than use a cookie-cutter template approach, a custom website is tailored to fit the needs of your business exactly. Your custom designed website should be:

  • Visually engaging
  • Easy to navigate
  • A showcase for what you do
  • Functional on both desktop computers and mobile devices
  • NOT too “design-ey”

Visually engaging:

A custom website must be visually inviting and encourage the visitor to keep visiting. Remember, dismissal is a click away, and statistics bear this out.

Easy to navigate:

A visitor of your custom designed website shouldn’t have to dig for the content they want. Navigation should be kept simple and easily understood, with a minimum of sub-menus and sub-levels. Simplicity is a good design policy.

A showcase for what you do:

Are your website’s objectives clear? What you do, why you do it, and why a potential customer wants it should be crystal clear. A proper custom website design and well written copy are key to this.

Functional on both desktop computers and mobile devices:

This is called Responsive Web Design and it’s a must in this day an age of mobilize devices. In the past, websites were designed for computer screens only, but nowadays one guaranteed way to lose a customer is not have your site optimized for the mobile device they are using.

 NOT too “design-ey”:

A custom website design should be a showcase for you and what you do, not for your web designer’s artistic or technical abilities. Yes there needs to be visual engagement but there’s a fine line where design becomes obstructive. Too often a designer wants to “flex their chops” – something we avoid at Bridge Street Design.

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I had my website created by Bridge Street Design and am thrilled with the result. The website is easy for customers to use, easy for me to maneuver and Rowan is always available for additions or changes.

Pam Tibbets A-Plus Party Rentals Scarborough ME

I have been partnering with Bridge Street Design for over 12 years to provide web programming support on many web design projects. Rowan's graphic design experience, "pixel-perfect" attention to detail, and communication skills turn every project into a smooth process. More than once I have told him after we complete another job "we make a good team". I'd recommend his graphic design services to anyone.

Adrienne Palmiere Voila Web Solutions LLC Virginia Beach VA