• We could not be happier having a talent like Rowan who understands our industry, and always delivers the goods in the most efficient manner.

    Fraser Jones
    Independent Audio

  • Rowan was open to all our ideas and took those and created a fresh modern logo for us. We couldn’t be more pleased.

    Michael Prescott
    A&E Carpet Cleaning

  • Rowan is my go-to graphic designer because he consistently delivers high-quality work at reasonable cost and often under tight deadlines.

    Kathy Garrard
    Power Engineers

  • Rowan is very responsive to our needs and works collaboratively with us through the entirety of the design process. We would recommend him highly.

    Heather Printup
    Poland Spring

  • Rowan’s creative suggestions, eye for detail and ability to keep us on task helped the project come to fruition quickly and smoothly.

    Andrea Gural
    Eclipse Media Group

The best relationships between a creative vendor and their client tend to boil down to one thing: Communication. If the client and creative communicate properly, trust, collaboration, diplomacy, flexibility, and creativity should all fall into place.

In keeping with this, a few years ago we took an informal poll of our clients as to what they felt we brought to the table and why they choose to work with us. According to our clients’s testimonials, Bridge Street Design has the ideal combination of creativity, openness, and agreeability. Through previous experiences they had found the last two to be rare qualities in creatives. We were quite happy to hear that we met their expectations on all fronts.

You can read some of their testimonials above.

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